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The ferryboat "shinguu" service situation

It navigates for ferryboat, "shinguu" dockage in daisen "taiyo" from October 15 to 25th.


Shingu town topics

My number card We suspend convenience store grant service

We suspend service on November 6, 17th. The details refer to internal link

Festival Shingu We hold 29th Festival Shingu

It is festival Aramiya of annual on November 3 (soil, celebration). Please arrive

My cooking class Do you not participate in "my cooking class?" 

We learn simple cooking. We cook Japanese dishes on Saturday on western dishes, 17th on Saturday, November 10

Shingu town general examination Healthy check! We examine shinkyuchosogoken (ken)

Examining is until November shinkyuchosogoken (ken). Once a year healthy check!

Recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid Recruitment of Community Revitalization Aid moving into action in Ainoshima

Do you not show your power as Community Revitalization Aid in "Ainoshima?"


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Bamboo garden lantern

"Tachibana bamboo garden lantern Festival" is held on November 23, 24th. Member of Tachibana All Powers is producing bamboo garden lantern for festival.

Threshing experience

Child of Tachibana Elementary School cut rice in September and threshed and experienced. On seeing rice which grew from rice-transplanting magnificently for four months, children were doing joyfully.


It is sunset which we photographed in Midorigahama on October 11. Color changed more and more in a little time. During shooting, autumn insect played beautiful tone.


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We raise banner ads

  • Shingu town dentistry
  • Love sum hospital
  • Francois
  • Fukuoka national pension fund
  • Water of Hanatachibana
  • Yano Tokushu Jidosha
  • Let's perform bargain reservation of rent-a-car of tabiraide Fukuoka!
  • Pet
  • Hakata south kindergarten
  • 20 million yen assets operation 


About detailed population of Basic Resident Register

It is 12,895 households of a population of 32,894 people (male 15,984/girl-related 16,910 people) households as of the end of September, 2018


Zip code 811-0192 1-1-1, Midorigahama, Shinguu-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka

Telephone: 092-962-0231 open agency time: From 8:30 of Monday through Friday (on holiday, holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays are excluded.) to 17:00

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