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Update information

December 14, 2017
2017 revised budget
December 12, 2017
Calendar of proceedings of 2017 fourth ordinary assembly (December 13)
December 12, 2017
Proceedings contents of 2017 fourth (December) ordinary assembly and deliberation result (December 4)
December 11, 2017
Child hot line 24 Fukuoka
December 11, 2017
Dial common throughout the child consultation center whole country
December 11, 2017
24 hours child SOS dial
December 11, 2017
Fukuoka Education Center education consultation
December 11, 2017
Refuse and district woman hot line
December 11, 2017
The human rights 110th of child
December 11, 2017
Permanent construction human rights counselor's office (the human rights 110th of all)
December 8, 2017
2017 mayor expense account
December 6, 2017
2017 chairperson expense account
December 6, 2017
About graduation ceremony, admission-type schedule of town kindergarten
December 5, 2017
November, 2017 library activity report
December 1, 2017
About schedule of graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony of municipality Junior High School
December 1, 2017
About schedule of municipality Elementary School graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony
December 1, 2017
The number of population, the households according to 2017 district (Basic Resident Register)
December 1, 2017
Population (Basic Resident Register) age-specific in 2017
December 1, 2017
Change (Basic Resident Register) of the number of population, the households of 2017
December 1, 2017
To protect children from danger of the Internet (leaflet)
December 1, 2017
We devise basic plan based on local future investment promotion law
November 30, 2017
Auction result of November 30, 2017 conduct
November 30, 2017
2017 Shingu town staff employment examination passer announcement
November 29, 2017
Auction result of November 29, 2017 conduct
November 29, 2017
List of session schedule, calendar of proceedings, general interpellation contents of 2017 fourth (December) ordinary assembly
November 29, 2017
Fare guidance of town-managed ferryboat "shinguu"
November 28, 2017
About community Basma Lynx year-end and New Year diagram
November 27, 2017
About school meal supplies vendor registration (2018)
November 24, 2017
Please be careful about redback spiders
November 24, 2017
About application for publication reception desk born in public relations magazine Active Shingu January
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Zip code 811-0192 1-1-1, Midorigahama, Shinguu-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka
Telephone: 092-962-0231 open agency time: From 8:30 of Monday through Friday (on holiday, holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays are excluded.) to 17:00

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