1. Basic way of thinking
     We note 1 performs appropriate maintenance based on "Shingu town ordinance of privacy protection" about personal information that we collected from Shingu town government office homepage (it is said as follows with "our site").
    Note 1 shows thing belonging to organization of the mayor, the Board of Education, board of elections, checkup committee, agriculture committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee, the mayor, assembly having water supply business line authority and land development public corporation with "us".
  2. Use purpose and range of personal information to collect
     We establish inquiry window on our site to ask about inquiry from user and opinion in our site. We ask for entry such as the name, e-mail address, address, phone number to reply inquiries in the case of the transmission as far as it is necessary.
  3. Limit of the use and offer
     As for us, the use to the purpose outside, the personal provision of information for third party concerned do not perform personal information that they collected across range of handling purpose when they collected personal information.
     But, in any of any of the following, it is not this limit.
    • When there is agreement of the person
    • When it is based on rules such as laws and ordinances
    • When we admit that it is urgent and unavoidable to protect personal life, body, health, property or life
    • When we admit that there is reasonable ground in what we use at limit that is necessary for the function when we use in same conduct organization or we provide in other conduct organization and we use
    • When we admit that it is necessary for conduct of fair office work or business after having listened to opinion of Shingu town information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee
  4. Measures of ensuring safety
     We carry out the best safety measures about protection of personal information that we collected through our site. In addition, we pay attention of prudence and carry out not to be able to perform personal identification when we publish inquiry or answer sent through our site on our site.
  5. About revision
     Depending on computer and Internet advance in art, we may revise this "way of thinking about privacy policy in Shingu town homepage".