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Recommended browser

 It is important to always update browser software to the latest thing from problem in security. A lot of security holes exist and hide possibility tampered with leak of destruction, moshikuha information with computer of reader by hand of others with malice in former browser.
From such a point of view, our site recommends more than InternetExplorer6.0 of Microsoft.
Please note that errand may not display InternetExplorer of version before it and other browsers definitely.
In addition, also, of errand strongly recommends installation of correction file by the latest browser by upgrading to the latest version so that one of errand hastens InternetExplorer of former version.


Windws Update (modified file)

Recommended resolution

 We recommend that resolution of display of errand is read in the above 800 X 600. In the case of resolution that is lower than this, please note that you may become hard to see remarkably depending on page.

Plug in software necessary for reading

 We can read comfortably on reading our site if there is the following software.

Company name Software name Remarks Downloading
Adobe Acrobat Reader It is necessary to read PDF file

AcrobatReader downloading

Adobe Flash Player It is necessary to display Flash file

Please download latest FlashPlayer

Microsoft Windows Media Player Reproduction of video, music is soft. It is necessary to read WMV file.

Downloading of WindowsMediaPlayer9

Microsoft Word viewer It is software reading Word file with PC which Word is not installed in.

Word viewer

Microsoft Excel viewer It is software reading Excel file with PC which Excel is not installed in.

Excel viewer