Reservation of book renting came to be possible on the Internet.
How to use and registration method of system, please click the next "Internet reservation system guide".

Internet reservation system guide

(note) use of library card is necessary to make a reservation for the Internet. About making of use of library card, please click the next "way of registration of use of library card".

The way of registration of use of library card

Collection of books search, Internet reservation system

We can search each when we click the next image. Another window will openBook character

Brief search button

We can search from keyword to be included in title, author names.

Button to look for in detail

We can search from the title of a book, author name, publication company name, ISBN number.

Magazine search button

We can search magazine.

Use inquiry button

Confirmation of the situation of rental and reservation, registration, change of e-mail address password are possible.