1.Receive intellect; Yoko shrine neck cancer screening

・Cancer that uterine cervix cancer is formed on uterine cervix of entrance of the uterus

・The onset increases from after late 20s of woman

・The fifth place of cancer which woman is easy to suffer from

2.We receive intellect and check-up keyo breast cancer

・"Small leaf cancer" which there is to small leaf that "milk duct cancer" which there is to milk duct that approximately 90% of breast cancer to be formed on breast tissue carries mother's milk makes mother's milk as for remaining 10%

・The onset increases from after 40s of woman

・The first place of cancer which woman is easy to suffer from

3.Early detection is important!

Both uterine cervix cancer and breast cancer are diseases that they are easy to suffer from in home and society including child care and work at time of important role.

However, it is disease that is more likely to trace good course if we do early detection and provide appropriate treatment.

There is no prophylaxis "that cancer does not have if we do it this way!". It is important to receive cancer screening regularly.


Cancer of 1cm (centimeter) spends about 1 through 2 and becomes 2cm. But let's consult hospital because there is thing which suddenly grows big among them if we feel abnormality.

4.It is advantageous when we use free coupon!

Approximately 5,000 yen, breast cancer examination are approximately 8,000 yen such examination, but uterine cervix cancer examination can have a medical examination free when we use coupon.

Do you not receive uterine cervix cancer examination and breast cancer examination using free coupon in this occasion?

5.Person who is targeted for free coupon

Object of free coupon is decided at age on April 1 every year.

We send out coupon to target person in about the middle of June.


Person who is targeted for free coupon in 2018
 Uterine cervix cancer examination  Person who was born by April 1, 1998 from April 2, 1997
 Breast cancer examination  Person who was born by April 1, 1978 from April 2, 1977




(note) the resident's card location municipalities as of "April 20, 2018" issue free coupon.

   We are transferred from Shingu town and cannot use this coupon now when we live in other municipalities.

   Please ask municipality to live early.

6.How to use coupon

How to use coupon is (1) medical institution and two ways of general medical examination of (2) town.

(1)We have a medical examination with medical institution

 List of medical institutions encloses at the time of coupon sending. Reservation is necessary beforehand.

(2)We have a medical examination by general medical examination of town

 After checking Shingu town general medical examination guide, please connect with call center (0120-791-376) within telephone reception desk period.

2018 Shingu town general medical examination (medical checkup and cancer screening) guide [2353KB pdf file]  

Adobe Reader is necessary for PDF file reading. We can download from next Adobe Reader. Another window will openAdobe Reader 

7.Coupon has time limit

Expiration date of coupon is Thursday, January 31, 2019.

*General medical examination of Shingu town is until Wednesday, November 21, 2018. Please be careful.