In town, we issued "convenience book of Shingu town living" as public-private collaboration business with SCINEX jointly.

 This booklet places administrative services information and local information to be useful for living of townsmans, and expense about issuance is provided with for advertisement charges. By cooperation of all of each local group and companies, we were able to distribute to all households and people of Shingu town of transference. We are very grateful heartily.

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(note) contents of this convenience book are things as of April 1, 2017. Please note that contents and department in charge names may change by changes such as law, system, organization.


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System distinction

Cover, table of contents [4414KB pdf file] 

Shingu town guide [16892KB pdf file] 

Administrative information [6357KB pdf file] 

Life guide [13919KB pdf file] 

Kind distinction

We distributed "system distinction" more finely.


Cover, table of contents
Cover, back cover [1561KB pdf file]  In issuance [501KB pdf file] 
Index [1303KB pdf file]  Index [1305KB pdf file] according to life scene 



Shingu town guide

Summary [1543KB pdf file] of Shingu town  Ayumi [1400KB pdf file] of Shingu town  Event calendar [1400KB pdf file] 
Illustration map [1102KB pdf file]  Famous place, historic spot [4810KB pdf file]  Special product [843KB pdf file] 
Public transport [1246KB pdf file]  Government building guidance [1154KB pdf file]  Disaster prevention information [3436KB pdf file] 


Administrative information
Administrative information index [1039KB pdf file]  Report, proof [2772KB pdf file]  Tax [2194KB pdf file] 
Insurance, pension [5085KB pdf file]  Child care, childcare, education [5475KB pdf file]  The welfare [3994KB pdf file] 
Health [791KB pdf file]  Living, environment [6513KB pdf file]  Culture, sports [1471KB pdf file] 
Election, assembly [758KB pdf file]  Information [894KB pdf file]  Consultation [1108KB pdf file] 


Life guide
Health map [6857KB pdf file]   Kasuya medical association [644KB pdf file]  Kasuya dental association [475KB pdf file] 
Kasuya pharmacist society [474KB pdf file]  Shingu town business and industry society [735KB pdf file]  Basic knowledge [1676KB pdf file] of reform 
About funeral service [1524KB pdf file]  Editor's postscript [440KB pdf file]