We deliver "public information Active Aramiya" in "machiiro"

machiiro"Public information Active Aramiya" became able to read at smartphone and tablet terminal.

Downloading of administrative information application "machiiro" is necessary for the use.

Machii rhoda; load yes (external link opens)

(note) update from April, 2018 issue to August issue at any time.

News arrives to delivery

 EventWhen reader registers Shingu town, news arrives to delivery. We can change setting.

"machiiro" downloading (there are two next methods)

●"Machii, yes is road" (external link) or "App Store" "Google Play", and search "machiiro"

●QR code reading QR code(note) QR code is registered trademark of DENSO Corporation wave.


●The use of application is free, but communication expenses are burdens on user.

●Displayed advertisement does not have any relation with Shingu town and each local government.