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Shingu town assembly

Shingu town assembly


Welcome to Shingu town

Sightseeing of Shingu town

News from government offices

Use guide

Carrying, smartphone version

Mayor Aramiya

Room of the mayor


Resident's card, family register


Garbage, environment

Water and sewage

Septic tank

National Health Insurance, national pension, medical care

Product for company promotion, proprietor

Townsman life

Social security, tax number (my number) system


Consultation, support

Employment measures


Nursery school, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

Shingu town Board of Education

Person with a disability, the child with a disability welfare


News from new junior high school


Child care


The pregnancy, delivery

Medical treatment, grant

Security, relief

Nation protection

Disaster prevention

Shingu town firefighting team

Crime prevention

Road safety

We work on Great East Japan Earthquake support

We work on North Kyushu heavy rain support in 2017

We work on Kumamoto earthquake support in 2016

The welfare, health

The elderly person welfare

Person with a disability, the child with a disability welfare

Care insurance

Health, vaccination


Medical examination, various diagnoses


Town administration administration

Comprehensive plan

Town, person, work construction broad strategic view

Town development

Auction information, privity of contract

Finance of Shingu town

Administrative reform

Product for company promotion, proprietor

Gender equality

Information disclosure

Staff information

News from government offices


Statistics investigation

There are townsman activity and breath


Sightseeing of Shingu town

There is breath

Volunteer, town development activity support group

Community activity accident compensation insurance

Coming-of-age ceremony


Facility information

Usage guidance

honosagasu is reserved


Activity of library

Library statistics

Recruitment of event participants

Reading notebook

Collection of links

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About detailed population of Basic Resident Register

It is 12,913 households of a population of 32,895 people (male 15,973/girl-related 16,922 people) households as of the end of October, 2018


Zip code 811-0192 1-1-1, Midorigahama, Shinguu-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka

Telephone: 092-962-0231 open agency time: From 8:30 of Monday through Friday (on holiday, holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays are excluded.) to 17:00

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